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Library Department

Kabi Sukanta Mahavidyalaya


    About the Department:

  • The College has a rich and useful library consisting of more than 16888 text and reference books of various disciplines houses in the library building. It has a Reference section, a lending section and a separate Reading Room. The library is provided with the facilities of computerized access, besides the departments have Seminar Libraries particularly for Honours students and departmental teachers assist the sincere students readily.

    Services at a Glance:

  • Circulation of Library books & Journal
  • Reference & Information’s services
  • Reprographics services
  • Current Awareness services
  • Display of New Arrival services
  • News Clipping services
  • Internet services
  • E-journal services
  • OPAC
  • Question paper of all previous Examination (last Five year) services

    Course Offer:

    Bengali (Hons), Commerce (Hons), Economics, English (Hons), Geography (Hons), History (Hons), Political Sc., Sanskrit (Hons), Sociology.

    Subject Covered:

    Bengali, Commerce & Management, Economics, English, Geography, History, Political Sc., Sanskrit, Sociology, Mathematics & Statistics, Law and Taxes, Story & Novel

    Seminar Library:

    Each Honours Department has its own Seminar Library with specialized books of immediate necessity in addition to the facilities of getting books from the College Central Library. Students can avail the facilities of getting books from the seminar library by paying nominal fess per month.

    Best Awards:

  • Best reader’s awards for the students
  • Best reader’s awards for the Teachers

Other Acedemic Committee

Library Hours
  • 10.00am To 5.00pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • Circulation Hours
  • 10.15am 4.30pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • Reading Hours
  • 10.15-4.45pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • Library Access
  • Open & Closed
  • Library Classification Schedule
  • Dewey decimal classification 23rd Edition
  • Library Catalogue
  • Card Catalogue
  • Library Computerization
  • Under Processing (SOUL Software)
  • Library Resources: (up to 30.11.2014)
  • Books : 16888
  • Journal : 4
  • Magazine : 8
  • Paper : 5
  • List of E-Resources
  • N-LIST Programme
  • Regular Study Centre 28150

    Under IGNOU, Regional Centre, Kolkata

    সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য্য

    Sukanta Bhattacharjee

    "চলে যাব - তবু আজ যতক্ষন দেহে আছে প্রাণ , প্রাণপনে পৃথিবীর সরাবো জঞ্জাল,
    এ বিশ্বকে এ-শিশুর বাসযোগ্য করে যাব আমি-- নব-জাতকের কাছে এ আমার দৃঢ় অঙ্গীকার।"

    स्वामी विवेकानंद

    Swami Vivekananda

    "उठो, जागो और तब तक मत रुको जब तक लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति ना हो जाये। "
    "Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached."

    রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

    Rabindranath Tagore

    " সবথেকে ভালো শিক্ষা হলো সেটি যা আমাদের কেবল তথ্যই দেয় না,
    জীবনের সমস্ত অস্তিত্বের সঙ্গে আমাদের একাত্ম হতে শেখায়। "

    Nelson Mandela

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

    महात्मा गांधी

    Mahatma Gandhi

    "सच्ची शिक्षा आसपास की परिस्थितियों के अनुरूप होनी चाहिए या यह स्वस्थ विकास नहीं है।"
    "True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth."