Principal's Desk

Smt. Malabika MandalIĀ felt extremely elated when our College had its own website. But willingly or unwillingly, nothing special concerning my own reactions had been inserted into it.

Now, the website has rolled into some years since its inception. Really I feel excited to say something not about me but about my mission directed towards my loving students. Instead of imparting moral preaching to them I will say only one thing from my desk: choose your career right from the beginning from your student life at this centre of higher learning. Be guided by your teachers, guardians and well wishers around.

Dr. Malabika Mandal (Teacher In Charge)


Previous Principals

  • Dr. Dilip Kumar Deb ( 21.12.88 to 29.01.91 )
  • Dr. Nitai Chakrabarti ( 18.08.92 to 17.08.94)
  • Dr. Debapriya Mukhopadhyay (01.08.95 to 28.04.97)
  • Dr. Gour Kumar Kundu ( 15.12.2000 to 29.02.2016)